Advantages :

This shower lift offers ideal support during showering for safe sitting and standing up.

 The compact shower lift fits perfectly in any shower room

 Equipped with a soft anti-slip shower seat

 Can be supplied with foldaway arm supports

 Maximum lift capacity: 150Kg/24St

 Overall dimensions: 700mm wide x 680mm deep x 1013mm high


An important advantage of the Aerolet Toiletlift is the adaptability to the user. The Aerolet Toiletlift is adjustable to leg length and the level of  trunk-stability.

Optimum movement

Based on the natural motion of standing, the Aerolet Toiletlift offers ideal support by moving the trunk   forward and locating the centre of gravity above the feet as the knee and hip joint stretch   synchronously.


The Aerolet Toiletlift from Economic Holland b.v. is an   ergonomic toilet-aid designed to facilitate independent toilet use for anyone with a reminder  capacity of 25% of muscular strength.



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Vertical Lift - Type V

With Assistance


Tilting Lift - Type D

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Standing up from the toilet is an important movement. If standing is becoming difficult, one can try to adapt the seat height. This is achieved by using higher bowls (46 or 50 cm) or by using another higher, riskier toilet seat. The bowl is then high enough that one can stand by oneself (and a caregiver does not have to bend), but other problems arise.

Too high is also not good!

A bowl that is too high can lead to difficulty with defecation or insufficient 'urine flow'. Ideally, the bowl height should be variable: higher for standing up and lower for defecation.

Solution: the Aerolet toilet lift offers the perfect support to achieve this movement, irrespective of the users' build. The Aerolet toilet lift provides a constant up and down motion at the pressing of a button. Driven by actuators on the left and right sides connected with a synchronic control mechanism the toilet lift maintains a steady lowering and raising motion. lift maintains a steady lowering and raising motion.  

The type Vertical-Standard (VE-ST)

This type Toiletlift will be applied for a vertical 'stand-up' motion. The Toiletlift is ideal for users with none or very limited flexion in hips and/or knees, what possible restrictions in moving the torso forward might have caused. 

The vertical Toiletlift offers the perfect support to achieve the right natural 'stand-up' motion. The very quiet Toiletlift is ideal for people who have arthritis, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, post polio, muscle loss in their legs, hemoplegia, stroke and other disabling conditions. 

The Toiletlift is standard equipped with foldaway arm supports. During the sitting down and stand-up motion these arm supports move along with the user and give constant support. No leg muscle is required. 

The toilet seat rise depends on the bowl height. When the bowl is 40 cm high, the maximum rise is 85 cm and when the bowl is 50 cm high, the maxi- mum rise is 95 cm. 


Showerlift - Vertical

The showerlift is ideal for users with non or very limited flexion in hips and/ or knees, what possible restrictions in moving the torso forward might have caused.

With the showerlift it is possible that each user can adjust the required stand-up height by themselves by pushing the very light in maintenance buttons on the right– or left arm support.

The showerlift is standard equipped with back support, foldaway seat and foldaway arm supports. The arm supports move along with the user and give constant support. No leg muscles are required.

When the arm supports are not necessary, the showerlift will be equipped with a separate hand-control

The showerlift must be mounted direct to the wall. The seat and back support of this showerlift move in a vertical high./ low motion.


Showerlift - Tilting


Advantages :

The Vertical Shower Lift is ideal for people with limited movement in their hips and/or knees and for those with restricted movement in the upper body.

 The unit is height adjustable with easy to use controls located in the arm supports to assist in bringing the user to a standing or sitting position.

 The Aerolet Shower Seat is fitted with a back support, foldaway seat and foldaway arm supports as standard.

 Should the arm supports not be required the Aerolet Shower Seat would be fitted with a separate hand control.

 Maximum lift capacity: 125Kg/19.5St